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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Catchy remark

Sometimes a song catches you and you cannot get rid of its playing in your ears. Germans call that Ohrwurm (catchy tune). It's totally ridiculous, but the closing song of Lucky Luke has been playing in my head for hours. I think it's because I read too much about Muslim immigrants in Germany, or I have a hidden homesick that caught me by coming out from my childhood's Saturday morning TV-broadcasts. But why a cowboy theme? It could be very well a song from Sesame Street that I would enjoy more, for sure. A psychologist (a close friend of mines, faceka) told me once that I should listen the whole song to stop this or find another annoying tune. I discovered another way: sharing :o)

Lucky Luke - Poor Lonesome Cowboy   


  1. well, socio-fucking-logically speaking, this data (what isn't a data after all?) indicates that you feel lonely over there and you'd better be here no later than March..

  2. "I am a poor lonesome 'Turkish' woman far away from home..."
    Is that what you mean, my dear?
    yes, I am, lan galiba :o/

  3. Tabi kızım :)
    Come over here and I'll take you to this beerhouse near my house, where we can both play scrabble and drink beer. isn't that awesome?! yeah, I have a tiny little life as well with tiny tiny pleasures but your homecoming will absolutely be a big one :)

  4. oh how crazy it is! we can play scrabble while drinking beer?
    I mean... seriously?! Maybe I said we are getting older, but definitely not dead :P
    we'll arrange smt when I'm back. A day in the Island with bikes and then Rakı and fish for the night... like a date...
    aysec., we need an intervention.

  5. I'll take you to Prinkipo then. Oh that's gonna be so romantic! :)
    Well I've taken the Island plan for granted, so I'm actually quite serious about the scrabble plan as well. But you see, my house is very close to Taksim. Very, very close :)