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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Melodic Remarks I

Finally, I'm home. But I have to admit that I have already missed Berlin. Ankara has changed a lot since I left. A couple of days ago, a friend from Germany asked how it feels like to be back in Ankara after living for so long in Berlin. I could only think about the people, those who had left and those who are gonna leave this city, those who are recruited in labour market :o) and those who are getting married. My generation is the new adults now. It's kinda annoying as the expectations from us is either that we should start to earn money by now or get married. Neither of them I'm doing :o) Still being dependent on my parents who have just got divorced (it's so funny, both of them over 60 years old), I'm trying to find a track for my future. What are my options? PhD, HR, journalism, maybe a book store I can open :P But the passion I've always had is still engulfed in music. I'm not talking about making it, but writing about it. It was also my original aim when I first started to write this blog; I would discover the music in Berlin, meet people dealing with it and write about the concerts I attended. But I've got the whole drama (I think, enough for the next 10 years of my life) when I was in Berlin. So, it turned into a “dear diary” theme :o)

Yes, so many thing have changed here while I was in Berlin, and the music is one of them. Some new local bands, new DJs, and new venues have emerged. It was just 2 weeks before I came home that I discovered some new bands from Turkey while I was surfing in (as usual) to see bands similar to 123. Only in one year, so many of them mushroomed in the Turkish music market. Some I knew already, in some there are people we know, and some are the brand new bands with their unique sounds. It's so exciting to see my generation grow up and finally create something worth listening. Suddenly, I forgot everything happening at that time in the world – neither the revolutions happening in the Middle East nor the earthquakes in Japan was my concern. The only thing I passionately wanted was to go back home and search for the history of this musical development in Turkey. I only knew superficially about this, generally from the family. But I knew, there is always a connection between the music in Turkey and the political conditions of the time.

A couple of days ago in a sunny afternoon :o), I went out from the apartment of my friends, and took a walk through Tunalı. I stopped by in D&R (a book and music store) to buy some magazines and to drink a cup of real coffee in Gloria Jean's (it's in the store). I saw babylon publishing a music magazine with the same name and with an incredibly cheap price. So, I bought it, and sat in the café. Someone had already did what I wanted to do, and made a research on the history of DJs in Turkey, starting from 1964 to now. Then I started to write about this. Pages followed the others, and it turned into a merge of my personal experiences and the conditions of the time. Then I realized it's kinda too long for the blog. So after a careful edit, I will publish it part by part here. For now I really wanna give an overview about what's new in Ankara and Istanbul.

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