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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Melodic Remarks II - Dengesiz Herifler

It was last year when I saw the video clip of a local so called 'punk rock' band from Ankara, Dengesiz Herifler (meaning Moody Guys) and I thought that they are pretty cool. I don't know why, maybe because I was abroad and whatever is new at home seemed to me cool :o) As the first thing after I came back, I visited their concert in one of the famous bars of Ankara, IF. Anyway, they totally screwed up on the stage as their only concern was to seem just so 'cool'. I don't really know whether the vocalist can't play guitar or he just didn't want to, but for me either of them means that he only screws with the audience who, he thinks, is not able to get what he was doing on the stage – which is nothing but stroking his hands on the strings for the hell of it. Thanks to the drummer and the bass player, and the real effort of the second guitarist, the songs sounded like something(!). I'm not even harsh on them, but someone has to be. It's totally infuriating especially if you know they could play better but just didn't bother to. People were having fun though. I saw the girls cheering crazy at the front of the stage where I with my girls were doing the same thing only three years ago. Just then, damn I realized, we are now really old for this. I don't mean for the music, or punk rock, as I would still like to enjoy the moment with Pennywise or NOFX. But I think we are really old for the bands who screw with their audience whom they think are buying this shitting on the stage anyway. After you face with this disenchanting moment, you simply lose your enthusiasm.

 (Hergün İçeceğim: I will Drink Everyday)

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