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Friday, April 1, 2011

Melodic Remarks IV - Electronic 'Stuffs' From TR

As I said before, I was searching for new stuff in, and I stumbled upon a two women band named Kim Ki O (it's a Turkish expression meaning “who the hell is s/he anyway”, and as they said, it's chosen due to the phonetic reasons). These ladies who are ex-high-school friends recorded their songs by themselves till 2010 when their first album Dans was released by a record company (Enfant Terrible) from Holland. Without including computers, they make 'old-style' electronic music in an experimental style with a simple mixer, drum machines and a bass guitar on the stage. Their songs sound more like ambient and dark to me, still I kinda enjoy listening to them. Like other groups making qualified music in Turkey, they are invited for tours in Europe, and will be on tour in 2011 with Moon Duo (from US) in Europe again (babylon, 2011: 73).

(Herkes Evine: Everybody, (Go) Home)

A second remarkable band with their electronic/punk sound is Post Dial. The band consists of two guys who are both from Izmir and living in Istanbul. Since 2007, they have been playing in several venues in Istanbul, and had gigs with Zoot Women and Archive. They have only two EPs up to now, but their works are really promising. I think, they will also join the ones who are working with European record companies soon. Their last EP, "You Are Not Alone", can be downloaded (free) from their website.

for the live performance visit this link 

But my favorite is of course Men With A Plan not only because it's one of my friend's trio :o) but also their album Batteries Not Included was the best one I've recently listened to. It was my second day in Ankara when I saw Erdinç (left), and although they are already in top ten in Britain now and receiving several offers from Berlin at the same time, he was absolutely too modest for such a record while he was talking about their works. He told me, their idol is James Holden and they've tried to do something in the same line to border community. I have to admit that I'm not an expert on this as I also learned the things about border community from a friend in Berlin (and thanks to him, I saw James Holden live in Watergate), but I can say that, especially with their German-Canadian electronic sound, they are talented enough to catch the chance of working with them. My only regret is that I missed their live performance in babylon but I know that they've received really good critics so far.

Men With A Plan - Our World by menwithaplan

Melodic Remarks III - Turkish Punk Rock/ Ska, or Name It However You Like

I don't listen punk rock as much as before, but still some days the little punk girl rises up and plays the old stuffs in her archive. When I was a teenager (see it's an old lady sentence), there was a couple of bands in Turkey, and they were mostly underground bands. I think, it was first Athena who released an album even though they played the edition of other famous ska-bands' songs with Turkish lyrics. I have never been a fan of them, but also never complained if I heard their songs in a bar. Very recently, I think 4 months ago, they released their new album, and they surprised me for they finally did something worth buying.

 (Arsız Gönül: Shameless Heart)
see the video clip (unfortunately not available in youtube)

Still my favorites are two underground groups with no albums. One is from Istanbul Cemiyette Pişiyorum (it's hard to translate, but roughly it means "I Am Cooked In The Community") and the other from Izmir l.e.s.s. The former always has complicated lyrics so it’s hard to get what they really mean and sounds maybe more like... I don't know... I cannot compare them with any band. Just listen by yourself, and if you have an idea let me know :o).

And the latter is easier to listen (definitely, I'm getting older) and has NOFX like lyrics – simple, clear and says a lot indeed without pushing the words to seem like wise guys who have figured out life by the hard way.

(Alkolik Kuşlar: Alcoholic Birds)

Now, there is a new underground band doing garage-punk/trash in Istanbul, The Raws. They totally sound like Dead Kennedys :o) These three guys with their masks also have a funny theme. Their last album Let's Have a Bondage Blues was released from Squoodge Records (an Austrian company) in Germany, and they’re generally on tours in Eastern Europe and Germany. I didn't know this before, but after a little search on the internet, I've read so that they had also gigs with Reverend Beat-Man (a famous underground group from Switzerland).