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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Catchy remark II

Today, my mouth was spitting curses on the hipsters having mushroomed in Istanbul. They are everywhere. Somebody should make them aware of the fact that they are too mainstream and trendy now, they can't be so hip anymore. I criticized my brother only two months ago because he was too mean about them, but I started to see he had a point indeed. I really wonder, what kind of a bloody mind let it happen that being a nerd is something paradoxically popular now.

Still, I enjoy the music called hipster's stuffs, which is also self-contradictory for me as they also, sooner or later, become mainstream stuffs. I stumbled upon a playlist full of such bands today in 8tracks. All of them are mainstream now. There is an irony even in the name of that list, For Being A Hipster.

Anyway, this song has caught me, and been keeping to play in my head. It is the ending song of House, S7E22. My brother would name it as another hip stuff. It's pretty famous though. (He names any indie stuff as "hipster shit"). Also, es ist nur noch ein anderer Ohrwurm für mich :o) So, as a rule, I need to share it.

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