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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Catchy remark III

My brother has just introduced to me this brand new band, World Unite! Lucifer Youth Foundation. And, of course, he called them "another hipster shit". But, somehow, he liked them. These boys, from Manchester, are really mysterious. I couldn't find so much about them. It is said everywhere so that no body has any details about the band. Only the names of the members, I can find. As claimed in Wikipedia, they keep themselves away from the mainstream media, and refuse to give any interviews.

Btw, is it only us (me and my brother), or does the vocalist have a really... let me say, 'unusual' British accent? Even the usual one sounds to me unusual though d: Still, not a single word I could have detected from the song if the lyrics had not appeared on the video.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

... because only God could have the best sense of humor

I can't remember where I found this from. But definitely not mine.

There is a man who is tweeting with the name of allahcc in Twitter. No, he doesn't have that complex or an issue like multiple personality disorder. He just make fun of the relationship between the God and His followers. That's the wit indeed: "being a follower". As elsewhere I also mentioned, he would be the best example for "what if God was one of us" - and had a twitter account. I think that's where the sense of humor comes from: to be able to imagine such "what if"s. Of course so many people take this dare of him as an insult to their belief and religion so that he could be killed if his real ID was exposed. But isn't that an insolent act enough to judge him by saying "how dare you and make fun of Allah". I mean, who the hell you are and dare to speak in the name of Allah? Even as an atheist I can think that it would be more ill-mannered act (speaking in the frame of Islam) to conceive God as if He is like a human-being with a fragile ego and without a sense of humor. Why and how would he take offense at such a way of humorous illustration where actually no one is a target of an assault.

I don't get why people get pissed off so much if someone teases with something related to their belief system, but, on the other hand, they laugh out loud if it is not about their religion or God. I mean, if you feel so offended in the first case, then you must be so much sensitive with other religions or atheists as well. When it comes to humor, nothing is untouchable and shouldn't be so either. I'm not saying that an assault and insult under the name of humor should be tolerated, and I believe, that shouldn't be called humor as well. To be specific, for example, after calling a Muslim 'terrorist', no one could get away form that by claiming that s/he was joking.

Thus, today, I posted some jokes about three monotheistic religion and atheism. Just try to imagine that "what if" part of the situation, then I'm sure you'll laugh. I'm sure God would also laugh :o) We are His children full of His humor after all.

by Yiğit Özgür

The first balloon: (the priest singing the beginning of the Muslim call for prayer)
The second balloon: "man, how has this caught me..."

This will definitely be my end if there is a heaven.

Now, that's the difficult one. It doesn't matter whether one is a Muslim or not, there are such relgious idioms used by everyone in Turkish language. This says "The secret of Turkish way of success" Before starting, it's said "inshallah"; while starting, "bismillah"; if surprised, "Allah Allah"; if confident enough, "evelallah"; if go-getter enough, "alimallah"; if tolerating, "eyvallah"; if stubborn enough, "ya Allah"; if guaranteeing something, "vallah billah"; if teased, or annoyed, "fesubhanallah"; if really pissed off, "hasbünallah";  if sick and tired of something, "illallah"; if starting the work with a great enthusiasm, "Allah Allah Allah"; if succeeding, "mashallah"; if not "hay Allah"; if being asked to try again "mazallah" (the latter means, no way). 

1. "Blind! Blasphemer! Profaned! Pander! Idiot! Bloody communist!"
2. "For God's sake! Don't you have any respect to religion?!"

That's what's happening now in Turkey. No body talks about the discriminative and assaulting attitudes against the atheists in this country. Even in the webpage of Diyanet (Religious Affairs), atheism is described as being against religion. I just don't believe in God(s) and religion(s). How could I be against those I don't believe in :P Ok, but seriously, being a non-believer does not mean being against the believers. I mean, one could be against them (I don't know how), but this does not make all atheist enemy of the religions. I mean, at least this is what my family has thought me. I have never been so arrogant and called those people believing in God "nuts", "schizophrenic", or "irrational" - especially whilst I talk to the dead guys (like Foucault, Nietzsche, Derrida, etc) in my head <:o)

Imam: He's a crazy man with the fear of Allah*
Crazy man: Man, He's everywhere!

*(fear of Allah has a positive connotation as it shows you are a good believer)
I think this one will never get old :O)


I like the Jewish jokes. And I like that they make these jokes by themselves. Well, the Jewish humor has a place in the literature. But it's true that non-Jews generally hesitate to come up with such jokes as there is that danger like being labeled as Antisemitic. I think it's only Southpark who can so carelessly tease with them. In fact, it is not only the Jews they mess with, but anything sensitive. Actually, they shows that racist and ignorant attitudes in a parody where the people are too sensitive with something they don't even have any idea about.

 "Y M C A"

This one is very similar to our high-school jokes. But believe me, having an argument, you would prefer a radical Islamist rather than one who is a committed metal music fun d: Well, such a joke could emerge only if these two types of prejudices come together.

 Adolf Hitler and the hipster paradox! 
There couldn't be better combination than this one to show how the idiocy functions.

"We would like to talk to you about the evolution..."

I don't know, this happens only in Germany, but some days the Jehovah's Witnesses, or the Catholics, or the Darwinist could ring your bell and try to convince you. I think they were the JW who tried me once in Dresden. I tried to get rid of that situation by saying I couldn't speak in German. But this was a bad idea as they could speak better in English. What they were doing with me was like trying to sell the meat to the vegetarian. Anyway, I told them I am from Turkey and, the worst, I am an atheist and I think, they were confused enough with these two details so that they suddenly gave up.

'Ironic sarcasm' at its best :o) But come on, whoever thought of it is so bloody minded and compared Jesus with Thor. How could you argue against that?

hell yeah :P

Ok, we know how to act if a religiously motivated group attacks  (we don't know why, but they may attack :P ). But what if atheists united and attacked? Wait, hasn't that already happened!?

That's a classic! A never-ending debate! So unnecessary for both party to try to dis/prove the God's existence! If I see two people disputing each other like that, it turns for me into one of those moments where I want sing that The Chemical Brothers song I mentioned before and to make the dance also.

This is the right point to be discussed: "truth" - who gives it to us, who determines what the truth is, or why and if we need it. It's a long and complicated philosophical discussion and I will not bring that on here as I'm writing this to escape from that debate I have been working on for days (of course Foucault and Habermas are here with me. We've just given a break, haven't we guys?)

Don't tell me you've never thought that before :P

by Yiğit Özgür
There is a word-play which I tried to translate. I hope (inshallah), I succeed that:

Man: My Hodja, we three family want to commit a sin together* in the next feast of sacrifice...
Imam: But didn't you say, you would slaughter a sheep..?
M: we've become atheists...
I: well, why three family then?
M: We beware of Allah...

 * There is a tradition in the feast of sacrifice. It's pretty much economic though. Two or more Muslim families buy a sheep, or a cow together to slaughter as they couldn't afford it alone. It's a idiom to say that we'll slaughter a sheep/cow together. In its direct translation, it is said more or less like that we'll unite and buy a sheep/cow to slaughter (birleşip koyuna/danaya gireceğiz). The same word "girmek" is used also for "to commit a sin" (günaha girmek). Damn, it's way too difficult to translate the wit there.

by Yiğit Özgür

Son of the Imam: Dad, someone named Dajjal* at the door is asking you
Imam: What kind of a dirty-joke is this now..?

*Dajjal corresponds to the character named Antichrist in Christian and Armilus in Jewish version of the story about the end of the world. (I think there is more sophisticated word for this, but I can't remember right now).

I don't like to finish without a song. When it comes to religion, I think NOFX is the best at teasing with it. They rather praises Jesus in a way while saying that He is not like you thought about him, he is a better Man. Please don't take the song as an insult to Him and to the Christianity. This is totally about how the religion works in the hands of the idiots of this world - just like any other religion and the belief system on the earth do.

 I like the comment made by the one who uploaded this video in youtube:
You know what'll be funny? If Jesus comes back, and he turns out to be black, bi-sexual, and not entirely fond of seeing crosses everywhere. Jesus may be coming back, but he's probably not who you think he'll be...
In my personal opinion, perhaps the best song ever written on the subject of Jesus Christ. Thank Fat Mike if you see him.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Umsonst und Langsam

Yesterday, I got an email from K. my old land-lady, the most delicate lady I've ever known. Actually, I'm not sure to call her land-lady because she is also the tenant of that apartment in Moabit. So, we rented it for a period of time, till she came back. She contacted us when she found our announcement in WG-Gesucht (a website for free apartments and rooms, and for those who are looking for them). I think, we took a shine to each other when we first visited her place. She's got a really good taste of music, books and movies. She gave her apartment to us, and I lived there for seven months, and my roomie has moved in my room, and is still living there with her.

some of her books and my favorite procrastination spot
She left her books, music archive and her plants to us to care of them. I was so happy as we would have a music player with two big speakers. After a long time of listening music from the laptop, it was a miraculous thing for us to be able to hear the 'hidden notes' in the songs we love. It's an old-style player with a manual uncomplicated equalizer system. It works well enough though. Her archive is so rich - from Pink Floyd to Morcheeba, Kruder und Dorfmeister, Radiohead, Nick Cave, Badly Drawn Boy, and many others some of which were new to me. After I moved out in Friedrichshain, she invited me for dinner. Radiohead's new album was newly released back then. She was partially disappointed by the album due to the predominantly use of electronic sounds which is what I most like about the album. "I'm an old-style lady my dear" she said. Then we had a long conversation about their smooth change they've made, especially with In Rainbows. I'm missing such conversations with her.

our music corner
Recently, I've been thinking that I left a life in Berlin, a life I made a lot of effort to build and then passed all those I made with my hands, all that I lived and experienced, from those I learned my lesson, and my stuff to someone else's hands. I can’t help wondering if the things I left there reminds the people, who use them now, of me. Maybe a song, a book, a scent, or just the times... I mean the things, beside their normal material functionality, which would drag these people into some nostalgic and maybe some romantic moments. For example, does the Chinese girl, whom I sold my bike to, remember my voice sometimes when she rides it without being aware of the fact that this bike would show her the times I had on it if it could have such a mechanism to record these moments? Or the same goes to my coffee machine, which was a part of my flesh and blood there, and to the person, whoever uses it now .

Some people criticize me a lot about these bonds I have with stuff because sometimes I can be like a hoarder and even keep old train tickets as souvenirs. I always think all such things have some kind of a history in themselves. In the same way, I am always curious about the coins I find on the grounds, the jewels and the books in the second-hand stores. I don't know, have you ever realized that the books borrowed from the libraries, or bought from the antique shops, or found in a hotel room, carry so many traces on them about the people who read them? It could be some notes on the pages, or a coffee fleck. I generally make up stories about them in my mind. In Dresden, on the wardrobe in my second room, I found two figures which are, I guess, the pieces of a chess set. I'm still keeping them and, oddly enough, I carry them with me where ever I travel to. I don't know, maybe I've got the feeling that some day in some place I will meet their real owner and get the chance to learn about the real story. Yeah, I know, it would be a 'good' American romantic comedy.

the banana tree
And, of course, it is a "he". It's a banana tree for f...s sake
although we've never seen him to bear any banana.
I don't like to lose my stuff (who does), or to leave them for good, especially if I'm not finished with them. That's why I was careful with the things of K. as she lent them to us and was not finished with them. Sometimes, I was over-careful so that, I think, I annoyed my mother during her visit whenever she touched something belonging to K. Ok, I have to admit that we, I and my roomie, were not so sensitive with the plants, they were almost dying under our custody. Well, I was nearly in tears because I thought the banana tree (we had a special connection between us) was dead. I blamed myself since I had talked to him so much (he never answered though), I thought "oh boy, I killed him with my darkness". I read something about this in a magazine that the plants could be effected by the negative modes of the people. Anyway, it was just my stupid pms state of mind. Its baby came out from the same root in the following week and I learned that this was a normal situation for the banana trees.

I have felt about Berlin the very same as about my lost/left stuff I had an emotional bonds with: I was not finished with her yet, and with the things I left there (especially with my skateboard). I'm really missing Berlin now, mostly my room and my balcony in Moabit. I had the ironic starts with the days there. The balcony sees the 'magnificent' edifice of the Moabit Courthouse (Kriminalgericht Moabit) and its prison, and  I was against this view smoking, drinking my coffee and reading Foucault. I'm missing to have this irony. The last time I went to Berlin, I stayed in that flat as a guest. But on the road from the airport to Moabit, I said, "I'm home". When I came into my old room, it smelled like home. It felt like that till the bad news came. It's funny though. In the last 4 months in Berlin, I was complaining about the boredom and the depression I fell into, and now I'm missing that slut.

But I also took some stuff with me from there. Like some music from K. She had a bunch of mixed CDs. My favorite one is named Umsonst & Langsam, just like our days in Turmstraße (but in a good sense). Whenever I listen to this compilation composed of 18 soft and calming tracks, I try to figure out how and what K. feels while listening to them, of what they remind her, or if she sings along. I created a playlist with the same name in grooveshark. If you’re interested :o)

2 songs missing in this playlist:
Good Days  -  FemBots*

*my favorite