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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

catchy remark IV - "missing you silently"

Thanks to my driver, this song has been engraved in my memory along with the roads of Urfa. He has played it so many times, repeatedly... While identifying the lyrics, I, somehow, liked it as well.

He says, "I take your absence in your address as a doomsday. I am just missing you silently; without knowing you, it is strange though... and you are far away, so far away... like the sea in the pictures". It is both sad and funny at the same time. It is pity he could not voice he is missing someone. Basically, it has been written for Deniz Gezmiş who was the Che Guevara of Turkey, although it sounds like a love song written for a woman.

The singer, Ahmet Aslan, is a Alevi-Kurdish man. He is missing a man whom he has never known. Now, this is my song on the roads of Urfa even though I am not missing a man without knowing him. But silent... yes, I am... on the roads of Urfa.